Cheek Filler

Cheek Filler






Cheek fillers, also known as dermal fillers, are a safe and effective way to add volume to the cheeks, lifting them for a defined look. 

We use high-quality products for all our injectable procedures to ensure optimum lasting results. Cheek fillers have minimal side effects, you may experience some bruising or swelling which usually goes down very quickly.


How do cheek fillers work?

Cheek fillers are a series of small injections of gel which will add volume to soft tissue in the cheek area. Fillers can also be applied to the jawline, around the mouth and eyes. Cheek filler treatment has the following benefits:


  • Add volume to the cheek area
  • Create contouring and definition
  • Fill out lines and wrinkles
  • Lift and project your cheeks
  • Maintain a natural look
  • Minimal downtime/side effect
  • Can be combined with anti-ageing injectables/lip fillers for maximum effect


We offer complimentary consultation appointments for all our procedures allowing you time to speak with our registered nurse to discuss the best procedure route for your particular needs to gain the very best out of your treatment.