Hopi Ear Candles



Hopi Ear Candle – 40 Minutes – £30.00


Ear candling or Hopi Ear Candles as it’s commonly known is a simple, effective treatment that has helped many people all over the world for many years. While it is not the answer to all ear problems, it just might help you. The use of ear candles or thermo-auricular therapy as it is also known was first envisaged by ancient civilisations such as, the Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Native Americans. It has more recently started to become very popular in Europe. A Hopi Ear Candle therapy session will typically last approximately one hour and we recommend that a trained practitioner should always carry out the process for you to achieve the best results. The regular use of Hopi ear candles will provide a wide range of benefits, which extend far beyond the immediate vicinity of the inner ear and sinuses.

Our Hopi Ear Candles treatment is designed to re-balance, Decongest and Relax. Followed by a pressure point facial massage to help release blocked sinus’.


Why use Hopi Ear Candle

Modern methods of cleaning the inner ear (such as the use of cotton buds) will in fact push wax further into the ear which usually causes several problems. Ear Candles are a classic clearance therapy which can benefit many problems around the ear and head. The metabolism and lymph system are improved by this pleasant, completely pain free method of local heat application and several psychological benefits have also been associated with the treatment. Several the main benefits are listed below:

Removal of excessive or compacted ear wax

Reduction of snoring

Relief from problems such as sinusitis, rhinitis, glue-ear, tinnitus etc.

Reduction of inner ear irritation

Relief from colds, influenza, headaches, migraines etc.

Improves the lymph system and metabolism

Stimulates blood / energy circulation

Provides a soothing, light sensation around the ear and head area


Other Benefits include:

Relief from throat problems such as tonsillitis

Can help to improve one’s sense of hearing

Reduces any ear pain experienced when flying / diving

Invigorates the immune system

Provides a deep and lasting sense of mental, physical and emotional relaxation

Reduces Congestion

Relieves the effects of stress.

Stimulates important acupuncture points and reflex zones

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