IV Nutrition Therapy

IV Nutrition Therapy


IM Shots:

Glutathione £30-£60

B12 £30

B-Complex £30

Fat Burner £40

Vitamin C £40

Biotin £30


IV Drips:

Modified Myers Plus £200

Performance Booster Plus £250

Amino Muscle Plus £250

Fat Burner Plus £250

Immuno Booster £250

Skin Brightening £200

Hair Nourishment £250

Health Boost Plus £250

Energiser £200

Advanced Energiser £250

Glutathione £200

Vitamin C £150


A consultation with our nurse is offered so we can assess your needs and find the shot or drip that suits your needs.

We do require a £30 booking fee to secure an appointment for treatment.


What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

Sometimes known simply as ‘Drip Therapy’ or ‘Vitamin Therapy’, IV Nutrition Therapy is your key to personal wellbeing. Simply put, it’s a fast, effective and scientifically proven way of getting essential vitamins and minerals into your body.

Once used as a secret weapon by the rich and famous to combat burnout and exhaustion, we at IntraVita are breaking new ground by making this treatment available to all. Whether you need an energy boost or simply want to experience an increased sense of wellbeing, we can create a personalised IV formulation that is safe and scientifically proven to deliver results.