Male Waxing

Male Waxing Worthing



Eyebrow Shape £10.00

Upper Lip £8.00

Chin £8.00

Under Arm £10.00

Forearm £15.00

Full Arm £18.00

Hands £6.00

Back £20.00

Chest £20.00

Naval £8.00

Bikini £15.00

Half Leg £20.00

3/4 Leg £22.00

Full Leg £28.00

Feet £6.00


Body Waxing Worthing at Vanilla Pod beauty aim to give the best possible service by using the best products available today, such as the highest quality wax. We use only the finest honey wax for all our body waxing and only Adam & Eve waxing products for all our intimate waxing treatments. This ensures you receive the smoothest finish.




Some of the reasons our male clients have this treatment:

Swimmers/Cyclists/Athletes – hairless skin has an advantage of comfort and performance.

Body Builders/Models/Dancers/Strippers/Wrestlers – a smooth body significantly improves muscle definition & is easier on the eye.

Piercing & Tattoos – waxing displays them to their full potential.

Personal Preference – waxing results in a clean, smooth look and feel that many people prefer.




It is extremely important that care is taken over the first 24 hours post waxing as the skin is quite sensitive. This entails avoiding perfumed products, such as soaps, shower gels and moisturisers. Swimming and working out is also to be avoided. However, once 24 hours has elapsed, the skin will be back to normal.


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