Spray Tanning


A natural streak free looking spray tan, leaving your skin looking sun kissed. Experience the next level in tanning with Bondi Sands tanning solution. With dual tanning actives and our signature coconut scent, this lightweight self-tanning solution will develop into the darkest Australian tan.

Full Body Spray Tan £25.00


To prepare for your spray tan please ensure:

Exfoliate 24 hours before your appointment

wax/shave 24 hours before your treatment

Wear dark clothing to your appointment

Arrive without perfumes/deodorant on

Arrive without moisturiser on

Ensure all make up has been removed


Leave your spray tan on for 6 hours before washing

Apply moisturiser everyday post tan to avoid patchiness and to prolong your tan

Avoid exfoliants / chemical exfoliants for 7 days

To remove your tan, use a body exfoliant / exfoliating glove

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