Strip Waxing

Strip Waxing Worthing


Hollywood Strip Wax £40.00

(Includes Butt Crack)


Brazilian Strip Wax £35.00

(Includes Butt Crack)


High Bikini Strip Wax £25.00


Bikini Strip Wax £20.00


Buttocks & Butt Crack £25.00


Add Butt Crack £10.00

Add Buttocks £10.00

Add Buttocks & Butt Crack £15.00


Eyebrow Shape £15.00

Cheeks £12.00

Upper Lip £12.00

Chin £12.00

Under Arm £17.00

Forearm £15.00

Full Arm £25.00

Hands £10.00

Back £25.00

Back & Shoulder £30.00

Chest £25.00

Naval £10.00

Half Leg £25.00

3/4 Leg £28.00

Full Leg £35.00

Feet £10.00

Toes £8.00


Full Face £40.00

(Chin, Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Cheeks)


Basic Full Body Wax £120.00 (RRP £156)

(Chin, Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Cheeks, Underarm, Full Arm, Full Leg, Bikini, Toes)


Premium Full Body Wax £150.00 (RRP £196)

(Chin, Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Cheeks, Underarm, Full Arm, Full Leg, Hollywood OR Brazilian, Buttocks & Butt crack, Toes, Navel)


MENS FULL BODY WAX £95.00 (RRP £107)

(Nose, Ears, Back, Chest, Eyebrows, Feet, Toes)



Strip warm waxing at Vanilla Pod beauty in Worthing aim to give the best possible service by using the best products available today. We use only the finest waxing products from Australians Jax Wax for all our body waxing and intimate waxing treatments. This ensures you receive the smoothest finish.


Please Leave hair area to grow for 2 weeks prior to booking a waxing treatment.


Before waxing

Make sure your hair is about 1/2 cm long at your appointment

For best results moisturise daily and exfoliate once or twice per week

Avoid pain for the gain and take some pain relief before hand

Please do not use a sun bed or overexpose the area you are having waxed to the sun 24 hours before your appointment

Avoid sensitising your skin by picking at your skin or exercising heavily

Book an appointment with our highly trained staff that are experienced in all shapes and sizes including pregnant women.



Waxing aftercare

Watch your fashion choices try and not wear tight clothes after your treatment and even better for the next few days

Hands off! Keep away from touching freshly waxed skin as this can encourage irritation

opt for a shower – don’t take a hot bath on the same day as your wax

Avoid exercise and other similar activities for at least 24 hours

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! 48 hours after waxing, use scrub gloves with just with water and/or your favourite body scrub or shower gel every day. Ideal after an all over body wax

Fight the bumps. If you suffer from ingrowing hairs try our recommended retail products, available in store, for pesky ingrown hairs.

Our Quality Standards and Development is dedicated to driving our services to outstanding, by embedding high standards and effective quality control of operations. Quality Standards and Development works with our staff to ensure high quality and to establish strategies and actions to ensure continuous improvement and future development of learning qualifications to always ensure we give our clients the best possible

Our company’s mission is to enhance human life by the way you look and feel by providing the highest-quality beauty and cosmetic treatments.

**PLEASE NOTE** ALL prices listed on this website are no longer correct. Please call us for correct prices. NEW WEBSITE coming soon