Worthing beauty salon wins planning battle

Worthing Beauty Salon Wins Planning Battle

Worthing beauty salon wins planning battle

A POPULAR beauty salon in a residential area can continue to operate after retrospective planning permission was granted – despite concerns customers were causing parking problems. Seven neighbours of the Vanilla Pod salon objected to the application, arguing up to 30 cars a day were taking up vital parking spaces in the busy road.

But Worthing Borough Council’s planning committee dismissed concerns over the Littlehampton Road salon, choosing instead to praise 26-year-old owner Emma Hopper for running a successful enterprise. Councillor Edward Crouch said: “I’m really concerned that the objections are based on an increase in parking. “I’m really struggling to see how a relatively small addition is generating enough of a parking crisis to be such a problem for the neighbours. I support this application and I think as a committee we should be supporting hardworking people.” Miss Hopper started the business in 2013, converting the ground floor of the property in the salon. The salon quickly gained popularity and led to her being shortlisted as a finalist in the Adur and Worthing Business Awards last year. Her entrepreneurial spirit impressed the committee, although some councillors suggested she may need to look at relocating if the business had outgrown its current home.

But speaking after the meeting, Miss Hopper said she was happy with the size of the business. “A couple of years ago I would have said the same but I’m currently buying my first house and setting up home at the age of 26 and will be having children soon, so I wouldn’t have the time,” she said. “I’m happy at the size we are. My girls are fantastic and I am very pleased.” Not all councillors were in support of the application, however.

Tarring county councillor Bob Smytherman had written to the committee, urging them to object to parts of the application. He said: “As county councillor I would like to formally object to the premises being open on Sundays and bank holidays as parking is much more difficult for residents as they have their own visitors at that time. “I would also request that if the committee are minded to grant this retrospective application then conditions be imposed on the number of clients at any one time and hours of use due to the residential nature of the site.” Miss Hopper said neighbours had never formally raised concerns with her and she would have dealt with any issues sooner if they had been made known to her. NOTE: LAST week’s Business Matters featured a story about beauty salon Vanilla Pod’s successful planning application.


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